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Ruby and Rails eBooks Collection l 655.39 MB

A PDF collection of 114 eBooks about Ruby and Rails. eBooks are sorted on publisher's name.

 AddedBytes Cheat Sheets Ruby on Rails.pdf
 Addison-Wesley Distributed Programming with Ruby (2010).pdf
 Addison-Wesley Professional Design Patterns in Ruby (2008 ) .pdf
 Addison-Wesley Professional Eloquent Ruby (2011).pdf
 Addison-Wesley Professional Rails AntiPatterns, Best Practice Ruby on Rails Refactoring (2011).pdf
 Addison-Wesley Professional RailsSpace, Building a Social Networking Website with Ruby on Rails (2008 ) .pdf
 Addison-Wesley Professional Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial, Learn Rails by Example (2011).pdf
 Addison-Wesley Professional The Rails 3 Way (2011).pdf
 Addison-Wesley Professional The Rails Way (2008 ). pdf
 Addison-Wesley Professional The Ruby Way, Solutions and Techniques in Ruby Programming 2nd (2006).pdf
 Addison-Wesley Programming Ruby (2000).pdf
 Addison-Wesley Refactoring Ruby (2000).pdf
 Addison-Wesley Refactoring in Ruby (2010).pdf
 Addison-Wesley Ruby Phrasebook, Essential Code and Commands (2009).pdf
 Addison-Wesley Service-Oriented Design with Ruby and Rails (2011).pdf
 Apress Beginning Google Maps Applications with Rails and Ajax, From Novice to Professional (2007).pdf
 Apress Beginning Rails 3 (2010).pdf
 Apress Beginning Rails, From Novice to Professional (2007).pdf
 Apress Beginning Ruby on Rails E-Commerce, From Novice to Professional (2006).pdf
 Apress Beginning Ruby, From Novice to Professional (2007).pdf
 Apress Beginning Ruby, From Novice to Professional 2nd (2009).pdf
 Apress Foundation Rails 2 (2008 ) .pdf
 Apress NetBeans Ruby and Rails IDE with JRuby (2008 ) .pdf
 Apress Practical JRuby on Rails Web 2.0 Projects (2007).pdf
 Apress Practical REST on Rails 2 Projects (2008 ) .pdf
 Apress Practical Rails Projects (2007).pdf
 Apress Practical Rails Social Networking Sites (2007).pdf
 Apress Practical Reporting with Ruby and Rails (2008 ) .pdf
 Apress Practical Ruby Gems (2007).pdf
 Apress Practical Ruby Projects, Ideas for the Eclectic Programmer (2008 ) .pdf
 Apress Practical Ruby for System Administration (2007).pdf
 Apress Pro Active Record, Databases with Ruby and Rails (2007).pdf
 Apress Rails Solutions, Ruby on Rails Made Easy (2007).pdf
 Apress Raven, Scripting Java Builds with Ruby (2007).pdf
 CRC Press Methods in Medical Informatics, Fundamentals of Healthcare Programming in Perl Python and Ruby (2011).pdf
 Course Technology Ruby Programming (2011).pdf
 Course Technology Ruby on Rails Power, The Comprehensive Guide (2007).pdf
 Manning Flexible Rails, Flex 3 on Rails 2 (2007).pdf
 Manning Rails 3 in Action (2012).pdf
 Manning Ruby for Rails, Ruby Techniques for Rails Developers (2006).pdf
 Manning Ruby in Practice (2009).pdf
 Manning The Well-Grounded Rubyist (2009).pdf
 No Starch Press Ruby by Example, Concepts and Code (2007).pdf
 No Starch Press The Book of Ruby, A Hands-On Guide for the Adventurous (2011).pdf
 No Starch Press Wicked Cool Ruby Scripts, Useful Scripts That Solve Difficult Problems (2008 ) .pdf
 OReilly Advanced Rails (2008 ) .pdf
 OReilly Ajax on Rails (2006).pdf
 OReilly Enterprise Rails (2009).pdf
 OReilly Head First Rails (2009).pdf
 OReilly Learning Rails (2008 ) .pdf
 OReilly Learning Ruby (2007).pdf
 OReilly MacRuby, The Definitive Guide (2012).pdf
 OReilly RJS Templates for Rails (2006).pdf
 OReilly Ruby Best Practices (2009).pdf
 OReilly Ruby Cookbook (2006).pdf
 OReilly Ruby Pocket Reference (2007).pdf
 OReilly Ruby in a Nutshell (2001).pdf
 OReilly Ruby on Rails, Up and Running (2006).pdf
 OReilly The Ruby Programming Language (2008 ) .pdf
 OReilly Web Services on Rails (2006).pdf
 Packt Publishing Aptana RadRails, An IDE for Rails Development (2008 ) .pdf
 Packt Publishing Building Dynamic Web 2.0 Websites with Ruby on Rails (2008 ) .pdf
 Packt Publishing Cloning Internet Applications with Ruby (2010).pdf
 Packt Publishing Ruby on Rails Enterprise Application Development (2007).pdf
 Packt Publishing Ruby on Rails Web Mashup Projects (2008 ) .pdf
 Peachpit Press Visual QuickStart Guide Ruby (2009).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Advanced Rails Recipes (2008 ) .pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Agile Web Development with Rails, A Pragmatic Guide (2005).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Agile Web Development with Rails, A Pragmatic Guide 2nd (2006).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Agile Web Development with Rails, A Pragmatic Guide 3rd (2008 ) .pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Agile Web Development with Rails, A Pragmatic Guide 4th (2011).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Best of Ruby Quiz Vol. 1 (2006).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby, Control Your Computer Simplify Your Life (2012).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Continuous Testing, With Ruby Rails and javascript (2011).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Crafting Rails Applications, Expert Practices for Everyday Rails Development (2011) (no OCR).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Deploying Rails Applications, A Step-by-Step Guide (2008 ) .pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Developing Facebook Platform Applications with Rails (2008 ) .pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Enterprise Integration with Ruby, A Pragmatic Guide (2006).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Enterprise Recipes with Ruby and Rails (2008 ) .pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Everyday Scripting with Ruby, For Teams Testers and You (2006).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing FXRuby, Create Lean and Mean GUIs with Ruby (2008 ) .pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Facebook Platform Development with Rails (2008 ) .pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing From Java to Ruby, Things Every Manager Should Know (2006).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Learn to Program (2006).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Learn to Program 2nd (2009).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Metaprogramming Ruby, Program Like the Ruby Pros (2010).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Programming Cocoa with Ruby, Create Compelling Mac Apps Using RubyCocoa (2009).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Programming Ruby 1.9, The Pragmatic Programmers' Guide 3rd (2009).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Programming Ruby, The Pragmatic Programmers' Guide 2nd (2005).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Rails Recipes (2006).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Rails Recipes, Rails 3 Edition (2012).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Rails Test Prescriptions, Keeping Your Application Healthy (2010).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Rails for .NET Developers (2008 ) .pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Rails for Java Developers (2007).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Rails for PHP Developers (2008 ) .pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Rapid GUI Development with QtRuby (2006).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Scripted GUI Testing with Ruby (2008 ) .pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Security on Rails (2009).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing The Rails View, Creating a Beautiful and Maintainable User Experience (2012).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing The dRuby Book, Distributed and Parallel Computing with Ruby (2012).pdf
 Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Using JRuby, Bringing Ruby to Java (2011).pdf
 SAMS IronRuby Unleashed (2010).pdf
 SAMS Teach Yourself Ruby in 21 Days (2002).pdf
 SitePoint Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications (2007).pdf
 SitePoint Simply Rails 2 2nd (200.pdf
 Springer Publishing Ruby on Rails for PHP and Java Developers (2007).pdf
 Syngress Publishing Ruby Developer's Guide (2002).pdf
 Wiley Making Use of Ruby (2002).pdf
 Wiley Ruby on Rails Bible (2008 ) .pdf
 Wiley Ruby on Rails for Dummies (2007).pdf
 Wrox Press Beginning Ruby on Rails (2007).pdf
 Wrox Press Professional Ruby on Rails (2008 ) .pdf
 Wrox Press Ruby on Rails for Microsoft Developers (2009).pdf
 Wrox Press The Art of Rails (2008 ) .pdf

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