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Systema Hand to Hand Russian Martial Art By Vladimir Vasiliev
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 Do you save your years of hard training in a real fight? . Admit you're not sure. But now you can breathe a sigh of relief reveals the true path. Experts call it the most important contribution ever made to the study of military iskusstv.Eto super! Vladimir Vasiliev is one of the few people in the world, reached the peak of mastery in the lost secrets SYSTEMS - martial arts of the ancient Russian warriors - and repeatedly used it in numerous battles and risky operations of the elite Russian special forces. In this new film, Vasiliev examines every fundamental principle of unarmed hand combat and teaches dozens of supporting special training exercises for each concept. He shows the techniques used by Russian craftsmen systems to achieve their remarkable technique and sensitivity, gentleness and destructive movements, punching power and stamina, and a unique use of the body as a weapon of defense and attack. You will learn to fully control the melee without a weapon. This film has great explanations and continuous action.. It will shock you. The film includes a bonus - - where Vasiliev shows a simple and impressive movement against the actual meter circuit.

 Part 1
 Introductory concepts
 Life against destruction
 Three distance
 Work on long range
 The natural position of the body
 1- The first group of exercises: development of the body's integrity
 2- The second group of exercises: The development of endurance
 Work at an average distance
 Protection against kicks

 Part 2
 Protection against kicks (end)
 Protection from punches
 Work at close range
 Exercises with shocks
 Derivation of equilibrium shocks with 2 points of support
 Shocks to the establishment of contact
 Tremors with seizures
 The principle of wave

 Part 3
 The principle of wave (end)
 Receiving blows, using the breath
 Receiving blows, using body movement
 A series of exercises on strikes

 Part 4
 Conclusion (continued)
 Defense against the chain (all in English)

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